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Gosurepair - Broken Screen Replacement in Berkeley
Crack Screen

Check the screen and if it is discolored use a piece of plastic like a pen top to rub the discolored place.

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Gosurepair - Battery Replacement in Berkeley
Power Issue

Unable to charge your phone or the battery drain farter than before.

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Gosurepair - Water Damage Repair in Berkeley
Water Damage

We efficiently clean off corrosive minerals that could cause cell phone parts corrosion.

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Gosurepair - Software Issue Repair in Berkeley

Do you want your phone be jailbreak or rooting, or even recover a deleted data

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Trained Phone Technician in Berkeley, California

When you accidentally dropped your phone, chances are your screen will crack or it will be broken. If you spill water on your gadget possible your device, it will start malfunctioning. Those are some dilemmas you may encounter. Gosu Repair Berkeley, California, CA. will be there for you to help you get back your gadget to life again.

If you are in need of a quick fix for your phone, come to Gosu Repair and we will get your phone up and running again as quickly as possible. No need to find an iphone repair Apple store; we are also located in Berkeley, California, CA. and here to help. Our qualified professional technicians will get right to work on the problem to get your phone back in working condition fast. Of course, some issues take longer to resolve than others, but we know the inconvenience that a non-working phone can bring and will work hard to get yours back to you as soon as possible. We will do our best to have the repair done in no less than an hour or within one day for issues that require more attention.

Gosu repair can fix all your phone’s problems. We are capable of fixing all phones from the latest model to the oldest. We repair new and old models of Apple, LG, Samsung and all kinds of smartphones. Despite the numerous models of smartphones, we can take care of all of them quickly –including tablets and laptops and all the other models of all different brands. Sometimes, if the damage is not severe, the problem can be tackled while you wait – but we cannot always guarantee that, especially before examining your device, so please give us enough time to make sure your device is 100% working.

We are also capable of repairing laptops and tablets and other smart devices on the market. Our dedicated technician can come to you at your own convenience. At Gosu Repair Berkeley, California, CA. our customer will be the one who will set the time, date and the location of the meet up. For your repair, just give us your broken smartphone or smart device that needs to be repaired and we can fix your broken gadget right then and there.

Convenience often comes with a price, but this is not the case at GOSU REPAIR. We offer the most competitive rates on iPhone and Android repair prices within the state of California. Even with our competitive pricing you will always receive professional, friendly and fast service for your phone. You will never have to sacrifice quality and service for a great price. Society will always be dependent on technology; it is a part of our daily lives. You need a trustworthy, professional and affordable repair service for the mishaps that sometimes occur with these devices. GOSU REPAIR Berkeley, California, CA. is your go-to place for phone repair that will keep your technology up and running, to keep your life up and running. Resources

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