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Gosurepair - Broken Screen Replacement in Oakland
Crack Screen

Check the screen and if it is discolored use a piece of plastic like a pen top to rub the discolored place.

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Gosurepair - Battery Replacement in Oakland
Power Issue

Unable to charge your phone or the battery drain farter than before.

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Gosurepair - Water Damage Repair in Oakland
Water Damage

We efficiently clean off corrosive minerals that could cause cell phone parts corrosion.

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Gosurepair - Software Issue Repair in Oakland

Do you want your phone be jailbreak or rooting, or even recover a deleted data

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Phone, tablet and Laptop Repair Experts in Oakland, California

Smart devices are part of our society now. Most people nowadays have their gadgets with them at all times. Smartphones, tablets, laptops or other technology have become a great help to us in many ways - from doing our daily routines, doing our work and even to communicate with others. When our gadgets are starting to malfunction, are accidentally broken, it causes a sudden change to our lives. In that situation, Gosu Repair Oakland, California, CA. will be there for you. We are your new partner in repairing all types of damage. It may be an issue with software or hardware, we can handle it. We repair all types of gadgets – smartphones, laptops tablets, name it, we fix it. Gosu Repair fixes all types of brands and models from the oldest model to the latest. Water damage? Broken screens? Software issue? Nothing to worry about. Our expert and professional technicians can fix any types of damage to your gadget. Our technicians are all experienced when it comes to repairing gadgets so usually it will not take a day before you can have back your smart gadget fixed. Our technicians are all professionals who are selected based on their knowledge and track record for making repairs on any phone they are given. We reach out to our clients by giving them our six days a week services- from Monday to Saturday, on all repairs. Gosu Repair Oakland, California, CA. is open at 10:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Our clients will be the one who will set the time, date and location for the service. Our technician will come to you in no time. Sometimes, if the damage is not too severe, the problem can be resolved while you wait – but we cannot always guarantee that, especially before examining your device, so please give us enough time to make sure your device is 100% working.

Gosu Repair offers competitive prices and we repair all types of popular devices. We are proud as one of the most competitive repair fees in the state of California. We are always available when you need us and ready to help you with your phone immediately. We service retail phones as well as prepaid ones and those on monthly payment plans from at&t, Verizon, Sprint and other networks. All of the most popular devices available from the big telecoms can be repaired with us, so even if you don’t see the device specifically listed here, don’t hesitate and contact us immediately.

If you have issues regarding your smart devices, Gosu Repair Oakland, California, CA. will be there, ready to help you in no time. Simply go to our homepage at http://www.gosurepair.com/ and click REPAIR MY DEVICE on the upper left of the site. You can now set your appointment with us immediately. Resources

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