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Power Issue

One of the main problems with smartphones is the power issue of it. Mobile phones are portable telephones that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area. In other words, mobile phones cannot ‘live’ or function without its battery.

Gosu Repair Oakland specialized in all repairs of your broken smartphones. One of these issues is concerning to the capacity of your phone to last longer in spite of those applications that you have installed and those games that you’ve been playing. Our professional technicians are all knowledgeable when it comes to replacing your old battery of your phones into a high quality battery part.

If your battery is dying faster than in the past, take a look with your phone and see whether what apps are using too much battery. If you get a notification that an app is using battery, that app is using battery while you're not actively using the app. You can force stop or uninstall problem apps. If you want to go into more detail about your smartphone's battery usage, you'll find a number of apps in the Play Store that provide statistics and detailed information on battery consumption.

If you have a smartphone with removable battery, it's simply a case of buying a new one and that’s a major advantage to choosing a smartphone with removable battery. However, the removable battery is fast falling out of favor with manufacturers for a variety of reasons. When your phone has a non-removable there were Do-It-Yourself videos uploaded over the internet like youtube. It might have a guide showing you how to remove it but you need to consider having the right tools to use and the skills to replace it with yourself. Be warned though, that this will void your smartphone warranty. But if you want to have it done in a less hassle way, bring your smartphones like your iPhones and Androids to us. Gosu Repair Oakland will guarantee you a fast service in replacing and repairing your broken gadget.

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