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We save your time wisely. Guarantee your phone will be fix in no time.

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As technology is upgrading, our dedicated and knowledgeable technicians are updating.

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High Quality Parts

The quality of our work will also go along with the parts we use. We stand with our repairs with a guarantee.

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Customer Satisfaction

We value our clients and their relationship with our company. We will help you with any issues either hardware or software related.

Software Issue

As technology gets advance at time, different issues and problems raises that needs to be addressed by our society. We are now in the era where smartphones plays a vital role in our lives. It became part of our lifestyle- that it helps us to lighten the burden of our daily routines. However, issues are inevitable. One of those problems is its main core- the software.

Gosu Repair Oakland is your repair partner for your smart devices like your smartphones. We specialize in giving solutions and repairing all issues of your smartphones like iPhones and Android phones. We put our name when it comes to repairing all hardware and software problems of all type of models in all iPhones and Android.

When your phone is malfunctioning, or worst case scenario- it is dead, because software issues and you take it to the professional, have it mind that it is a 50-50 game. It is either it will be restored successfully or it dies completely. Nonetheless, before any issues of your software happen, your phone must have being given you signs like restarts, freezing, slow responses, etc. Study says that 95% of software problem on phones occur as a result of wrong use of the phone by users or it was abused. Some common software glitches can be solved by simply restarting your phone or can be solved doing a within-the-phone factory reset - also known as soft reset.

Gosu Repair Oakland handles all software problems of your smartphones like iPhones and Androids. Just bring your devices with us and our professional and well experienced technicians will repair your broken phone in no time.

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