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We save your time wisely. Guarantee your phone will be fix in no time.

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As technology is upgrading, our dedicated and knowledgeable technicians are updating.

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High Quality Parts

The quality of our work will also go along with the parts we use. We stand with our repairs with a guarantee.

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Customer Satisfaction

We value our clients and their relationship with our company. We will help you with any issues either hardware or software related.

Cracked Screen

Gosu Repair San Francisco is your one shop for repairing your smartphones of all models of iPhones and Andoids. When it comes to screen repair of your broken smartphones like iPhones and Andoids, we guarantee a high quality repair service for you. The parts that we use are all comes with a high quality parts and are tested for its durability. When you suddenly dropped your phone on a hard surface like floor and an unfortunate thing happens it will damage the screen of your phone. We, at Gosu Repair San Francisco are all ready to address that problem. We can give the best solution for your broken screen. From the quality of the parts we are using up to the quality of the service we offer. We specialized in all types of repairs for your broken smartphones. Our technicians are knowledgeable when it comes to broken screen repair.

iPhone’s most problem among users is the screen. Most of the users experience scratches on their screens or worst, it’s really broken that needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Gosu Repair San Francisco can repair and replace your broken screens easily. We also take pride in repairing your Android’s broken screen.

Screen replacement is a lot less costly than buying it a new phone again. There are kits and replacement screens for do it yourself repairs, but then you will also need a bunch of specialty tools costing as much as a repair would anyway. If you try to do it yourself, there is no guarantee that you will be able to do the repair. GOSU REPAIR will repair the phone for the estimated price we quote you on the phone.

Gosu Repair specialize on screen replacement. Broken screen for all iPhone models and even broken screen for Android phones, Gosu Repair San Francisco. Scratches on your phone screen is somehow very distractive specially if we use our phone in chatting a lot. Gosu Repair will replace your broken or scratched screens of your smartphones. Our technicians can easily replace your screen with our high quality parts.

So if you have problems with your screens of your smartphones, may it be iPhones or Android, bring it to Gosu Repair San Francisco. Our knowledgeable and well experienced technicians can easily replace it and guarantee our service is also high quality.

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