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Water Damage

Most of us can’t afford to replace our phones if something goes wrong. So what do you do if you drop your precious phone in the pool or in a bathtub or anywhere that has water? As our smartphones add more features, introduce bigger screens, and become thinner, the cost begins to rise and mobile phones quickly become an investment. So we take care with our mobile phones as much as we can, however accidents are inevitable that’s why Gosu Repair San Francisco is here to be your partner if any misfortunate thing happens to your gadget.

When handling water issue with your smartphones, it is really an issue that could affect not only one part of the gadget but the gadget as a whole – affecting one part after the other. We in Gosu Repair San Francisco will guarantee you a high quality service together with our experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can handle any type of damages caused by water or liquid.

We handle any type of issue with your smartphones – water issue, power issue, screen replacement and a lot more. Damages that caused by water or liquid is a serious problem with users. The worst thing may happen is that it will totally shut down your device. There were various ways for water problem that are found in the internet. The famous of it is covering your damage phone with uncooked rice and/or silica. The rice and/or silica will work to absorb the rest of the moisture and aid the evaporation process. Regardless of which drying method you choose, let your phone remain sealed or leave it on a dry spot or absorbent towel for 24 to 48 hours before you proceed. You want to give your phone ample time to dry before you attempt to power it on and use it again. However to make sure and to avoid the bigger problem, better bring your phone with us and let us take care of it.

Gosu Repair San Francisco repairs all issue of your smartphone in all types of models in all brands. Just simply bring your damage phone with us and let our technician do its job. In no less than a day, you will have your phone back functioning to its right function.

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